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A sunflower painted by artist Stephanie Spencer using a palette knife. This painting and others by Spencer will be on display at the Grand until next month.

NEW ULM — The Grand Center for Arts and Culture opened a new exhibition in the 4 Pillars Gallery on Friday featuring the work of Stephanie Kay Spencer.

Spencer is a visual artist from Blue Earth, Minnesota. His work typically features landscapes and rural settings. Flowers appear in many of his pieces.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, Spencer was exposed to the beauty of the countryside. It created a love of nature and the outdoors.

She said the appeal of painting was being able to recreate a moment in time that could not be repeated.

Spencer learned her painting technique from a friend and other artists while taking a class. Very early on, she developed a fondness for the palette knife technique. This is when an artist applies paint with a knife rather than a brush. The result is a unique textured style that leaves a layered appearance over a paint job.

Birch painting by Stephanie Spencer matches her outdoor theme. Spencer enjoys recreating moments in time that cannot be repeated.

It also allows the viewer to see the individual paint strokes. Up close his paintings look like a series of unrelated lines, but from a distance the scene is clear.

Spencer acknowledged that up close his paintings can seem chaotic, but take a step back and the mind will understand. She believes the approach makes the paintings more interesting and beautiful.

Spencer does not consider herself a full-time painter. It was only recently that his friends and family started asking him for paintings. During the COVID pandemic, she had more free time and immersed herself in her art.

Spencer’s paintings have been exhibited at other exhibitions in the area, but this is her first solo exhibition.

The Stephanie Spencer exhibition will be presented at Le Grand from Friday October 28 to Wednesday November 23.

Up close, Stephanie Spencer’s work may look chaotic, but from a distance a set of lines reveals a barn.

The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

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