The Roswell, New Mexico scene that went too far



At this point in the season, fans are fully aware that Alex is struggling with his gay identity. Through geek lair, it is noted that Alex seeks to “find that pride and self-esteem that he was never able to grow in an abusive home or in the military.” In this case, the particular scene that went too far involves a threesome that Maria essentially initiates between Alex, Michael, and herself.

The problem here is that Maria oversteps Alex’s own limits after he made it clear that he wanted to leave before accepting her. Most likely, the showrunners wanted to portray polyamory as something that could be explored without shame and without painting Maria as the villain for the job. But as a user in the PrimeTimer forum commented, the execution was not only problematic but out of character for Maria. “I don’t think Maria would ever have done this if Alex had expressed her unease… Alex has repeatedly referred to himself as gay, not bisexual, pansexual or whatever.”

Another user Bloga commented, “This whole threesome thing was just a lazy way to solve the problems between the three of them.” However, to defend Maria, a user Feather hat commented: “Maria could have legitimately thought it was a good idea for the three of them and it exploded in their faces instead.”

It’s obvious to fans that Michael and Alex are soul mates, but it was Maria and Michael who got together in the episode while Alex parted ways with Michael the next morning. “Sex and Candy” really didn’t mean much and, on the contrary, left fans bowled over by Alex’s discomfort and confused about the characters’ motivations.

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