The Robbin Gallery exhibition “Re-Imagining Landscape” continues until October 1


10:00 AM | Saturday, September 24, 2022

Works by Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger and Suzanne Skon are featured in an exhibition titled “Re-Imagining Landscape” which runs from now until October 1 at the Robbin Gallery.

“I think the concept of re-imagining comes from the idea that we approach how we look at the landscape and how to talk about it very differently. We’re telling a totally different story that the viewer didn’t think to see,” said Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger.

Gutierrez-Bolger’s work is based on oil, canvas and collage. She draws on her experiences growing up in South Florida as a Cuban refugee to create her art which is described as both real and surreal.

“It’s saying that we, as immigrants, have a lot to share,” Gutierrez-Bolger said. “You’ve heard the cliché, write what you know, paint what you know, but it’s true. It’s part of me.

Suzanne Skon’s photo and painting collages show her interpretation of place, both local and foreign. Each work is made up of multiple photographs taken by the artists over hours, days or weeks. They are then taken apart and re-joined to create a new composition.

Learn more about this exhibition and the Robbin Gallery here.


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