New show from Tia Mowry: 6 painting and DIY projects to try


The original living room was too dark, almost like a cave. Giving homeowners a different paint color for their wet bar nook visually “carved out” a distinct new area in their space. “It also adds depth to an otherwise box-shaped piece,” Villemaire explains. “We have defined it as a special corner by activating it as a real bar, a place of entertainment, abandoning its former purpose as a storage area.” The counter extension, handmade by locals, invited even more positive energy, not least because it was a project they were proud to do themselves.

Exterior mural for victory

Don’t let a blank canvas go to waste.

Photo: Tastemade/Lily Hernandez

What to do with an abandoned corner? Painting a fresco, sure. “Murals are one of the oldest and coolest forms of art produced by human civilization,” says Villemaire. “From the Sistine Chapel to Banksy street art, indoors and out, artists have taken advantage of large-scale canvases to express the human condition.” With the pandemic further propelling the trend of painting murals, these homeowners were inspired to draw a landscape inspired by their wedding theme, Sand and Sea. Villemaire balanced the tropical elements in the hot tub area with a desert mural. “We now have a 360-degree immersive experience,” she adds.

monochromatic muse

Variations of white bring new energy throughout the day.

Photo: Tastemade/Lily Hernandez

For a couple who craved a quiet touch, Silver decided to give the sunroom a minimalist vibe reminiscent of vacationing in Tulum. “A lot of people don’t realize that white doesn’t have to mean barren or drab, it can also mean soft and inviting,” she says. “We used a sandy white which had a slight hint of blush on the walls, and we used a neutral white on the fireplace which we then layered by sponging other browns on top to make it look more rustic.” The soothing space was actually a bit of an enigma of energy as the palette shifted between natural and artificial light.”During the day, the walls now act as a bright, invigorating element in which to work, and in the evening, the room is more like a haven of peace where you can relax by the fire,” says Silver.

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