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Leslie Calimeri sits behind her easel painting a cityscape scene. She is one of the featured artists in the ‘Chautauqua County en Plein Air’ exhibit at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute which opened on Friday and will run through March 5, 2023 PJ Photo by Michael Zabrodsky

“We love local artists.”

The words of curator of collections at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Maria Ferguson, rang true when looking at the “Chautauqua County Outdoors” the exhibition and the “Beauty is never lost: Margaret Braun’s birds” exposure.

These exhibitions as well as the exhibition “Curious by Nature: Works by Charley and Edie Harper” opened on Friday and will continue until March 5, 2023.

At the end of August, two of the artists of the “Chautauqua County Outdoors” exhibition, Leslie Calimeri of Jamestown and Melissa Meyers of Bemus Point were on the banks of the Chadakoin River painting a landscape scene of the Chadakoin River and its surroundings. The scene included the river, a Washington Street bridge, the National Comedy Center, the old Furniture Mart building, trees, a pedestrian bridge, the huge breakwater wall, the walking path, green grass, the train tracks and the blue sky with white. clouds. Calimeri used oil paints while Meyers used acrylic paints. Both paintings are beautiful.

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The exhibition also includes paintings by Lucille Bryant, Audrey Dowling, Joseph Grice, Miles Hilton, Jessica Kordon, Catherine Lawton, Donald Michalak, Joe Rice and Susan Simmons. In September, RTPI held its first Plein Air Festival which featured works by artists created at five locations in Chautauqua County – Jamestown Riverwalk, Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown Community College Campus Park and Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy.

According to, “Painting en plein air is all about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experimenting with painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice dates back centuries but was truly transformed into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities, coupled with the creation of portable paint tubes and the box easel – the precursor to today’s outdoor easels – gave artists the freedom to paint.” en plein air”, which is the French expression for “en plein air”.’

The exhibition is on the second floor of the museum.

“We have so many skilled local artists,” Ferguson added.

The “Beauty is never lost: Margaret Braun’s birds” the exhibition is also on the second floor.

“Fredonia-based artist Margaret Braun deeply appreciates the comfort and joy that birds add to our lives. Braun’s love for birds is evident in the care with which she depicts them in her art, including the most are paintings on round glass ornaments.Braun’s animated bird portraits imitate the sophisticated design of the Art Nouveau style.With elegant curves, sinuous lines and floral patterns, Braun creates a graceful visual rhythm for us. Referencing how birds have inspired countless artists, Braun channels the bird as a muse, capturing for us the essence of their beauty. according to

The “Curious by Nature: Works by Charley and Edie Harper” is located on the first floor of the museum.

Featuring more than 80 prints as well as original paintings, this exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the eccentric and whimsical world of artists Charley and Edie Harper, noted

“Charley Harper is world famous for his signature style of ‘minimal realism’, capturing the spirit of his subjects with elegantly understated visual elements. His work is based on nature, and over the course of his career he has created pieces for many environmental organizations, including the National Park Service, Everglades National Park, and the Cincinnati Zoo, as well as a series of breakthrough illustrations for Ford Times. Charley’s work has become part of the public consciousness, having been widely reproduced on merchandise ranging from umbrellas to stationery,” says rtpi.

The Curious by Nature exhibition is organized by the Springfield Museum of Art and Fowler Artistic LLC.

“Edie Harper has worked in multiple mediums including photography, sculpture, textiles and jewelry. This exhibit includes examples of his prints, which also focus on natural subjects, especially cats, as well as scenes from Bible stories and childhood memories. His work has been featured in several exhibitions, including Minimal Realism at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Graphic Content at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. rtpi noted.

RTPI is located at 311 Curtis St., and for more information on exhibits, call 716-665-2473 or visit

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