MCU filmed first sex scene for Eternals, and director Chloe Zhao explains why



As Marvel enters Phase Four, the new films are pushing the boundaries in a variety of ways. Eternals This strategy is already being followed by launching the MCU’s first gay protagonist, but there is more going on in the expected film. The Marvel blockbuster will also feature the MCU’s first foray into some sensitive adult situations, courtesy of director Chloe Zhao. The Eternals The filmmaker recently revealed what led to Marvel’s first sex scene in the ensemble film.

Having an intimate moment between the characters seems plausible given the possible love triangle in Eternals. Of course, Chloe Zhao hasn’t revealed who will be involved in the love scene. Shades of Love predicts that something special will happen given Zhao’s visionary cinema. Oscar winner said IndieWire on what the sex scene will mean for the entire MCU.

From this moment to what you see on the screen, there has certainly been a lot of talk about how to do this. But I think the desire to do something different is a very natural desire in Marvel Studios’ current situation. I think it’s like westerns are stepping into the revisionist period of the ’70s. I think it happens to superhero movies – or at least we’re at the limit. And so, these scenes just started to happen naturally.

As Chloe Zhao pointed out, Marvel’s next phase will set the tone for the next decade. So incorporating some adult circumstance will allow the MCU to mature and grow with its audience. Zhao revealed the scene was in the script before he boarded Eternals. So Marvel has been planning this change for some time. The Nomadic country director has revealed what it was like to shoot such an intimate moment for the superhero movie.

So that we can show two people who love each other, not just emotionally and intellectually but also physically, and have a sex scene that will be seen by a lot of people that shows their love, compassion and sweetness – I think that ‘ is a very beautiful thing.

Yes Nomadic country It’s a sign, Chloé Zhao shot a scene that respects both actors and moviegoers. Connecting on so many levels seemed to match the divine status of the Eternals. Referencing the sex scene as “a very beautiful thing” painted something special audiences can look forward to.

Eternals is shaping up to be just one movie among many for the MCU despite the mixed reception it has received. Presenting an intimate scene between two characters proves that Marvel thinks of the long game. Hopefully that and an exceptional story will translate into a box office success. Moviegoers will have to wait to see the love scene until the Marvel ensemble film hits theaters on November 5.

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