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PESHAWAR: A young watercolor artist asked his fellow artists to raise awareness about climate change through art.

He said the recent flash floods have wreaked havoc on nature, which should be seen as a call to do something right and avoid further erosion.

Mohammad Ahsenzeb is engaged in a landscape painting project with the aim of raising awareness about climate change. He also urged other contemporary artists to do the same through art.

“Recent flash floods have degraded the natural environment. Torrential rains not only have far-reaching socio-economic impacts on our climate, but also on our approach to nature,” he told this scribe in conversation.

A watercolor artist started a project to highlight the beauty of the landscape

Ahsenzeb did his Masters and Masters in Fine Art Graphic Design from Punjab University in Lahore. He is the recipient of several awards including the prestigious Gulgee Award with twelve years of professional experience.

He is currently teaching at the School of Design, Art and Architecture, Haripur University.

It is an institute of applied science and technology run with the support of Austrian and Chinese universities.

“The art school provides education in several art and design disciplines where 30 to 50 students, both male and female, study different aspects of the visual arts,” he said.

Mr Zeb said artists should come up with innovative ways to raise awareness about climate change because nature is angry with the hostile attitude of human beings towards it. Highlighting the force of nature through art could bring it back to life, he added.

“Personally, I started a project of painting landscapes, showcasing its beauty in its entirety to bring out what it looks like when it smiles at us all. Due to our negligence and philistine attitude, nature has become angry and asks us to change our attitude towards her, ”said the young artist.

He said he was looking for a free foreign scholarship to conduct research on “the impact of the degradation of nature in the north”. He said there was a lot to explore and dig on the subject as it would help local people to understand nature for better climate change.

Posted in Dawn, November 5, 2022

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